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Easy reward based dog training methods that get results.

 “Beneath every behavior is a feeling . Beneath every feeling is a need . And when we address the need we begin to deal with the problem , not the symptoms “.

What if I told you – your pet has emotions like you do and experiences happiness anxiety and fear ?
What if I told you – there is a way to build better connections with your pet to make them happier and less anxious ?
What if I told you – you don’t need to and shouldn’t be your dogs “ pack leader “ to be in control of your dog ?
What if I told you - you don’t need to shout at , correct, or punish your dog in any way to have a well mannered pet ?
What if I told you -there is a gentler , kinder, more effective way to train based on behavioral science and psychology ?

Don’t ask a trainer if they can train your dog – ask them HOW they will do it !

A well behaved dog is a joy forever – but - do you have a problem with your dog you don’t know how to change? Have you just obtained a pup, or have an older dog who desperately needs training or guidance ?Would you love to have the knowledge and skills to grow desired behavior , to prevent problems from developing, to easily and relatively quickly fix any problem behavior or teach any skill ? To have a dog who is truly happy, focused and loving to learn and please you ? When you understand how learning happens using creative learning methods , your dog quickly learns to think , problem solve and offer you desired behavior instead of reacting to environmental triggers.
Today is the day to commit to having the dog you have always wanted ! Whether training a pup or resolving a problem , I can help you build a strong relationship and deep understanding with your dog .
Training a dog is as important as sending a child to school. Set the foundation correctly and create a dog who loves to learn . Taught properly, your dog will love learning and you will enjoy your well behaved dog.

Did you know dog trainers don’t have to be qualified to take your money? Did you know punitive or “balanced “ training( rewards AND punishment ) is proven by hundreds of scientific studies done over decades of research, to psychologically damage your dog ?
Positive reinforcement (reward based training) is based on psychological principles and an understanding of how learning happens, and creates a dog who loves to learn and work for you.
To get where you want to go with your dog ,you need to work on yourself . If you are tired of getting stuck in your training, if you want to gain real insight into how your dog learns , if you want to learn the easiest , most effective way to train your dog and have your dog LOVE learning , I invite you on a journey that will change your life with your dogs forever .

I am a qualified, nationally accredited, experienced, dog trainer using positive reinforcement(reward based ) techniques , qualified to teach behavior modification, obedience , assistance skills, and substance detection /tracking (eg detect and alert low blood sugar levels , etc ). I currently have over 170 5 star reviews and am recommended by many vets ,Maremma Rescue SA , other rescues , and have been asked to train the instructors at Tea Tree Gully Obedience Club .I offer consults in your home , with extensive written resources  and support as long as you need my help and input . I come to your home  and cover all of Adelaide and some country areas , without a travel charge for most areas . I offer value- for -money packages, that mean I am actually one off the cheapest trainers in Adelaide when you compare what you get for the price.

BEHAVIOURAL  CONSULTS -(Reactivity /Aggression/ Anxiety / Manners / Obedience / Fighting /Chasing /Enrichment (boredom) /Barking / Digging /Focus on Owner / etc )  - Consults are  often better than classes because you must teach the skill before you can use the skill. Dogs learn best in a familiar calm environment(  at home  ) so they know what you want (focus , disengagement ) before you ask for it in a situation where they are triggered. Training when triggered without preparation can only be punitive which will create bad associations and make aggression and fear worse .Consults allow one to one teaching in your  home  with unlimited time to cover all problems and practice the techniques . You are encouraged to film the techniques for your practice later .If you think one consult cant work – see reviews !Or you can split the  consult into shorter sessions  if wanted .   I think it is important that dog owners understand how dogs learn . This means you will never need a trainer again for any dog, because now YOU will know more than many trainers . And you will have uncharged access to my advice and guidance by phone or email after the consult for the life of your dog.
REACTIVITY GROUP CLASSES  outdoors  at Modbury  on Sunday mornings . Class concentrates on loose leash walking,  recall with distraction, boundary ( place ), and  reactivity techniques  in the presence of triggers  . Puppies are welcome once fully vaccinated  but as many of the dogs are reactive,  group play may or may  not  happen. This is a great opportunity  for owners of reactive  dogs to practise reactivity techniques  in a supervised supported environment .Note - aggressive  or reactive dogs require a consult to be taught techniques  one to one  prior  to class. Class size is limited to 6  so there may be a waiting list .   
TRACKING- one  to one or group  training . 
There are many MYTHS about positive training and rewards . And there are QUESTIONS YOU MUST ASK A TRAINER  BEFORE YOU ENGAGE THEM  . See ABOUT  section  for  those !

Is Your  Dog Aggressive
To Dogs & Humans?

  • Dog snarling or showing teeth
  • Dog  growling/guarding resources  (eg food /attention )
  • Dog barking
  • Dog biting
  • Dog lunging at humans/dogs 

Dog & Cat 

  • Introducing new kitten
  • Introducing new puppy
  • Stop cat and dog fights
  • Cat and dog bonding
  • Dog chasing cat
  • Cat chasing dog


  • Litter tray training
  • Litter box problems
  • Cat aggression
  • Kitten consults
  • Building confidence in shy or stray kitten/cat
  • Cat fear and anxiety
  • Cat scratching
  • My cats dont get along


  • Puppy training tips
  • Puppy crate training
  • Puppy toilet training
  • Puppy basic obedience
  • Puppy mouthing 
  • Puppy biting
  • Puppy chewing
  • Puppy digging
  • Puppy socialisation with other animals, babies, children etc
   Effective positive one on one behaviour dog training in your home.  Consults includes hands-on instruction, detailed notes, plan to follow, follow up and support.  Services include:
  • Puppy  consults -problems, selection, temperament testing, socialisation plans, basic obedience, house training, enrichment, problem prevention.
  • Aggressive Dog Training - Is your dog growling, showing teeth, lunging at  humans/dogs,  barking , nipping, biting ? Can help !
  • Substance detection , tracking  and assistance skills  - bringing you items, fetching people in an emergency, substance detection eg low blood sugar etc 
  • Reactive Dog Training - leash reactivity, reactive with other dogs- aggression , frustration, excitabilty .
  • Dog Anxiety - separation anxiety, rescue / shelter anxiety, loud and sudden noise anxiety, fearful of people or dogs 
  • Loose leash walking - turn  your  dog pulling on lead, into  walking nicely on loose leash or heel 
  • Stop your dog Jumping Up -  on windows, doors, fences , people.
  • Chasing cats and other  animals
  • Dog Obedience Training 
  • Human and Dog Separation anxiety-if you have  multiple  dogs ,  does one  fret when you take  the other out ? Can help . 
  • House training- puppies  and older dogs 
  • Crate training 

I use  reward based positive reinforcement  training incorporating  psychological principles  and game based training.

Training and Experience Counts

I am  a nationally accredited professional dog  trainer  qualified through the National Dog Trainers Federation of Australia. This is the only nationally recognised professional dog trainer certification and is the course Lions Hearing Dogs put their trainers through.
I am qualified to teach behaviour modification, obedience, assistance skills and substance detection. In addition, I have done further study online with international trainers and other resources. I have been training dogs and horses using positive methods for 30 yrs, and have been doing so professionally since I qualified at the beginning of 2018.
With years of experience in behaviour modification, I can provide you with the knowledge and support to help your dog.
Call today to find out I can help you have a happy well behaved and confident dog.

Easy reward based dog  training methods that get results.

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Call today to find out I can help you have a happy well behaved and confident dog.

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