Dog Digging and Destruction

Is your dog destructive? Your  dog  is BORED .

The  answer is to  provide fun,  long lasting,   things to do – enrichment . Enrichment  can be anything  your  dog  finds fun  that provides something to do or  think about . Enrichment  teaches problem solving and thinking,  reduces reactivity ,  and builds  confidence in pups and anxious dogs .  Giving your  dog something better to do stops it from  problem behavior  such as destruction ,digging, barking, fighting  with  the dog next door, reacting to the neighbors and passers-by, and being a nuisance   or reactive  inside the house  when you  want it to be calm  and settled .  Enrichment can be made from household items – there is no need to buy lots of  expensive toys .

If you don’t  know how to  provide enrichment, give me a call .


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