Dog Recall

One of the biggest problems people have is their dog won’t come when called. This is not only frustrating but a reliable recall is a necessity for letting your dog off leash in public, and might even save your dog’s life. 

So why won’t dogs come when called?

Owners often inadvertently teach their dogs that coming to them when called is not going to be good for them! When you punish your dog, or only call your  dog to put a leash on and go home , you have taught your  dog  that coming back to you  isn’t  going to be fun .So who would choose that?

How do you get your dog to come reliably no matter what? There are a number of techniques but the focus is teaching your dog that you are always the most fun. Once dogs realize that you are the best fun they can have, they choose you, every time. Not food motivated? 1. They can be if you change the way you feed the dog ( not less food , just a  different  way to feed ) and 2  recall  and proximity games are  a great way to teach your dog you are the fun option .  My problem at consults once we have played the games is getting the dog far enough away from me to call it back!


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