Multi Dog Aggression

Sadly sometimes dogs who live together don’t get along. Often this  is about resource guarding but happily  it is usually able to resolved .When introducing another  dog  it is important to understand  what triggers guarding  and how  to avoid it , and what to do  if it  is occurring .

Dogs who have started to fight will not stop without training. It is essential that you get help with  this  as soon as possible as it will continue to get  more serious  and more frequent   until you do .

People usually separate the dogs when fighting, then don’t know how to bring them back together .There will be a fight again at some point if you do this. It is important  to separate them correctly ,  and safely  keep them together , and  reactivity techniques , boundary games  and disengagement   games  are essential  to rebuild   their relationship  while  keeping them calm in each other’s presence .

I can show you how to do this.  I am happy to say that while in a minority of  cases some dogs  cannot live  together , my success rate  is better than  the  statistics .  


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