Reactive To Cats and Other Animals

Does  your  dog chase or  is aggressive to your  cat  or other animals?    Most  dogs are triggered by movement  and find  a chase  hard  to resist . Some dogs are very prey driven and are a real threat to other animals they  view as prey .

Punishing your dog will not stop your dog from doing this. Instead, the dog  needs to learn to disengage  from the trigger  and focus away from  it . Reactivity  techniques,  disengagement  games,  choosing to  stay where  they are  or stay close to you ( boundary and proximity  games ),  leave it  and  impulse control ( don’t touch it unless told  you can )  are all ways to  teach your  dog  not to react to other animals .  Once your  dog realizes that chasing doesn’t   work(positive reinforcement  does not mean you never  say no to your  dog , it means  you don’t hurt or  frighten it) and there is a better option, they choose that .

Giving your  dog an outlet for  this drive  eg herding classes  for kelpies  and collies , a flirt pole  (if you don’t know  what this , google it – your  dog will love it !) – and chase me  games, will help.


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