Dog Detection Skills and Tracking

Over the years, Denali Dog Training has helped many Adelaide owners with assistance dog training and tracking. I am a  qualified detection dog trainer  and  can help you  train your  dog  to  track or detect any  substance,  including blood sugar levels,  or even to find your keys or phone or an item  dropped on a walk. Tracking and  detection is a fun and useful skill  to teach your  dog. If you would like to learn  this skill please contact me .  

I can teach your dog the following:

  • Teach you how to teach your dog
  • Dog assistance skills  -  finding items
  • Dog assistance skills  -  bringing  you items
  • Dog assistance skills -  fetching people to assist you in emergency 
  • Substance detection  such as detecting low blood sugar
  • Dog tracking


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Teaching both ends of the leash

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