Rewards Based Training

Reward-based training is a REWARD  for desired behaviour you already have. Trainers who tell you rewards are bribes or shouldn’t be used have no training and no understanding of how learning happens. In order to change behaviour, you must either punish what you don’t want, which doesn’t teach your dog what to do instead and will confuse and damage your dog, or reward in some way what you do want. (Pay your dog !) What is fun and rewarding will be repeated. If you don’t reward your dog for doing what you want,  the environment will reward your dog for doing what it wants.   Rewards can be anything your dog wants. Rewards can be phased out according to formula once the desired behaviour has become habitual. Using positive reinforcement methods makes learning easy and fun for dog and owner. This does  NOT  mean there are no consequences for unwanted behaviour- just not pain or fear. 

Using scientific reward-based methods to build the bond between people and their dogs. I  create positive behaviour and mindsets in dogs with a love of learning and connection with owners. The worst thing you can do is use punitive methods. Not only does it have negative effects on learning but it will damage the relationship with your dog and lead to further problems. My methods make learning easy and rewarding for both dog and owner.
Teaching both ends of the leash

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