Train Your Dog With Quick Fun Effective Games

“I tried to teach my  dog with books

She only gave me puzzled looks

I tried  to teach my dog with words

They passed her by oft unheard

Despairingly I turned aside

 “How shall I teach this dog ?” I cried

Into my hand she put the key

“Come “ she  said, “Come PLAY  with me !“


Training your  dog can be quick fun  and effective  if you do it with games ! Don’t have  time to train your  dog ? Do it in minutes a day  . Not very mobile ? Do it from your bed or chair.  Dog unmotivated or not focused on you ? Be the most fun thing in the environment  and watch your  dog only have eyes  for you !  Dog too energetic ? Take the edge off while  you watch tv .Doing things you would rather it didn’t ?   Give it a better alternative .

 Games teach your dog 4 concepts that solve every problem you will ever have  with a dog .

1 Disengage from a trigger  . Almost every problem behavior  people have with dogs is due to inability to disengage from a  trigger . This doesn’t happen naturally -  it  is a skill that must be taught .

2 Focus on owner. If your dog is focused on you they cant be focused on something else . If they aren’t focused on it,  they  cant react to it .

3 Proximity to owner is where you want to be  . If being close to you is valuable to  your  dog,  you dont have a problem with recall , pulling on the leash ,    running out the door or chasing something .

4 Value in a boundary. This usually means  the dogs ‘s bed but  a boundary can be anything -  a doorway , change of flooring  , or some marker . This solves stay off the carpet , out of the kitchen, don’t   run out the door or gate ,  stay off the furniture  or away from the baby ,  don’t chase the cat , don’t  jump  on visitors  or go nuts at the door bell,  bringing  dogs who live  together  back together after a fight , and even helps with separation anxiety .

Why  train your dog the hard way ?All you need is a free hand , your  dog’s dinner , and a little knowledge  for the most fun your  dog has had in ages while it learns valuable concepts that will help you in every situation .

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