Questions You Must Ask A Trainer Before Hiring Them.

1 What are your qualifications and  experience?

2 What methods  do you use ? Why ? What alternatives are there ?

3 What happens when my dog gets it right ?

4 What  SPECIFICALLY  happens when my dog gets it wrong ?

5 What resources do you offer me ? What support  do I get ?

6 Do you guarantee results ?

7 How long does it take to see results ?


My answers : 1 National Dog Trainers  Federation of Australia  certificate 3 ,(nationally accredited by the federal government  and  is the course  hearing  dog trainers do in Australia )and online study with international  veterinary behaviorists .  30  yrs of experience training dogs and horse with positive reinforcement  methods  and  began professionally training dogs  in  early 2018 .I am  constantly updating my skills  and learning from other qualified positive reinforcement  international trainers  .

2 I use scientifically proven principles of psychology  to change behavior  with positive  reinforcement / reward based training .Punitive training methods have been consistently  shown to  create aggression and anxiety in dogs subjected to them and to otherwise damage your relationship with your  dog .

3 Dogs will be rewarded  with  various things of value to the dog eg treats ,toys , games , praise,  physical affection etc .

4 Reward will be withheld or the dog may get a MILDLY unrewarding consequence  eg be removed , or owner may walk away ,  or  a verbal cue the dog  got it wrong .In the case of strong aggressive  dogs we are unable to hold ,  I may use a specific brand of a  kind head collar to enable us to gently  hold or remove the dog   while training takes place . We do not use chokers , martingales (half  chokers )   prong collars  or electric collars . A specific  brand of harness  which  enables us to turn the dog from the front  by a leash attached to the chest ,  which doesn’t interfere with walking , is the preferred option,  but sometimes  a head collar will be necessary  to safely  and kindly  hold some dogs . The dog will always receive a positive , rewarding ,introduction to the head collar  prior to any  training taking place .

5 Clients receive  extensive notes on all common problems and skills training  so  will never need a trainer again -because  now  you will know more than many of them ! Clients are encouraged to film the techniques in the consult , which can be done on  a phone ,  receive a plan to follow,  and follow up support by way of phone or email check in every 2 weeks( or more often if  wanted ) as long as required ,  and  receive  uncharged support as needed by phone  or email   for the life of the dog. 

6  and 7. I guarantee you will see improvement during  the  consult .In multi dog conflict(dogs who live together and fight )  results cant  be guaranteed but I will be upfront about this and the chances of success prior to booking . As dogs learn by repetition  the ultimate result  depends on the client  using the method consistently  until the new habit is formed  ,but as per reviews ,very good results are obtained within a  relatively short period with practice .

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